prepare and produce bakery products learning module

Description A learning module for Grade 9-12 Bread Production Objective The learners demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts and theories in bread production. SITHPAT002A Prepare and produce cakes. _____ Page 1 of 54 Issued by: Developed by: JOAN A. VIZCONDE Revision # 00 COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING MATERIAL / Qualification Title : BREAD AND PASTRY PRODUCTION NC II Unit of Competency: PREPARE AND PRODUCE … MODULE 1 Prepare and Produce Bakery Products Bread & Pastry Production. In-store Bakers – these people produce bread and baked goods in a retail store, sometimes using pre-prepared or part-baked products from a factory. Prepare variety of bakery and patissiers’ products (e.g. Baking is a skill that can be … SESSION PLAN Sector : Tourism Qualification Title : Bread and Pastry Production NC II Unit of Competency : Prepare and produce pastry products Module Title : Preparing and producing pastry products Learning Outcomes: LO1 Prepare iced petits four LO2 Prepare fresh petits fours LO3 Prepare marzipan petits fours LO4 Prepare … Sector. ... LEARNING MODULE in Bread and Pastry Production-UC2 Prepare and Produce … Employability skills are … bread, pastry, cake, petits fours) according to standard mixing procedures/ formulation/recipes and desired product characteristics Select and use appropriate equipment, tools and utensils Select oven temperature to bake products … Unit of Competency Module Title Code 1. SITHPAT004A Prepare bakery products for patisseries. Issued by: Page 4 of 26Developed by: JOHN LENON L. MENDOZA Revision # 00 QA System LIST OF CORE COMPETENCIES Qualification Title: BREAD AND PASTRY PRODUCTION NC II 105 hours No. SITHPAT001A Prepare and produce pastries. PREPARING AND PRODUCING PASTRY PRODUCTS Date Developed: November 9,2015 Document No. Advances have seen the … Quarter 1 – Module 4: Prepare and Produce Bakery Products First Edition, 2020 ... Learning to bake for the family is an enjoyable activity if one tries to learn and put interest in it. Home / Online Modules / Kitchen Cookery / Produce Yeast based Bakery Products Breads and other types of yeast goods are made and consumed all around the world. Unit of Competency PREPARE AND PRODUCE BAKERY PRODUCTS Module Title PREPARING AND PRODUCING BAKERY PRODUCTS OUR LADY OF TRIUMPH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Ozamis City HOW TO USE THIS COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING MATERIAL Welcome to the module … LEARNING MATERIAL. Assessing employability skills . COMPETENCY - BASED. Introduction Prepare and Produce Bakery Products This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to Prepare and Produce Bakery Products … Prepare and produce bakery products Preparing and producing bakery products … LEARNING MODULE in Bread and Pastry Production-UC2 Prepare and Produce Pastry Products 1. Ovens are the workhorses of the bakery and pastry shop and are essential for producing the bakery products. Master/Craft Bakers – much more likely to bake from scratch and are usually employed by a small-scale, independent bakery … BREAD AND PASTRY PRODUCTION NCII. TOURISM Qualification Title. Ovens are enclosed spaces in which food is heated, usually by hot air.

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