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Tanya notices the guards carrying the caskets look strenuous to do their job. If you want to start a Quotes/YoujoSenki page, just click the edit button above. She decides to order kipper as the main course and steak tartare as the starter. Next, Lt. Luckily, General Staff have some ideas to help them complete the mission. When Meybert sees through the window for relaxing, he finds a suspicious convoy is approaching the military port. To begin with, he will stay in General Staff for gaining experience in military governing affairs first. She feels quite upset to realize they have entered the territory of the Empire from the sudden aggravation of railroad maintenance. On the west, the Imperial Air Forces have shifted from offensive to defense and sent more aircraft to the east. Meybert phones the Port Command to alert the other units. However, if the politicians screw up, who else may correct their mistake? He finally enters the dinner car. The talk is gonna end. Tanya surprisingly finds that it’s her first time that not leaving the submarine in a concealed pen for U-boats. Based on Lergen’s experience when visiting Kingdom’s military drills recently, he can only find an optimistic element. It even reminds Drake of the beginning of Operation Revolving Door. This finally led to the formation of interceptor controller. They are separated from the ordinary people by the guards of honour and escorted to the station office building. In her opinion, it is a revealed trick which won't work twice. Those idiots are living in their own world isolated from the reality. Tanya reliefs Ugar that the life on homefront is still better than the one on frontline, but it somehow offends him. He tells her that he knows she is one among the 12 knights of war college and what she wrote as her graduation thesis. The Kingdom Navy will welcome them and escort their submarine. After reading the reports and data he received, Drake realizes Zettour has many experiences in planning decapitation strike and is moving around frequently. Tanya was born on July 18. Although the meat are tasty, there are the fantastic seafood cuisines they can find from nowhere else. Youjo Senki | Redux is a mod that is based on the anime Youjo Senki (幼女戦記), also known as Saga of Tanya the Evil. Youjo Senki 幼女戦記. There’s no way for a normal foreign military officer to read the thesis of war college and knows so many military secrets of the Empire. Additionally, they also asked General Staff to occupy Ildoa Kingdom. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. They only need to attend an unofficial banquet in the evening. If the politics is wrong, it must be corrected. Before the Great War, the Empire exported many agriculture products. They decide to get along again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Meybert is checking the classification manual to fill the blanks on the paper while Tospan is reading the engineer regulations manual. The Empire is involved in a war against the Entente Alliance, and fighting a poorly executed delaying action in the northern theater. He thinks that all military officers fulfill their duty for their vanity. Tanya is confused about not submerging for stealth, but she is immediately asked to meet with the captain Otto von Herm. The quality of meat takes the vital rule of how the steak tartare tastes. Youjo Senki Ep. Tospan’s unit detects the mana signals from enemy ships. She took the idea of Italian MAIALE which could secure the survival of its driver. If the neighboring country bothers them, they are supposed to directly neutralize Ildoa Kingdom. Bold Italic Pune tag de spoiler. She even uses the words she just received from Rudersdorf to calm him down. Meybert and Tospan are reminded of Visha who is practiced in document processing. But Lt. General Staff have drawn up Operation Barbarian which means to secure the retreating troops’ safety in Inner Sea. But in this world, magic is real. The glass containers on the table remind her of the shaking train when traveling in the Empire. They must do everything to secure the calm and peaceful post-war life of the Empire. She even daydreams that if Calandro delays on purpose, she will shoot him down immediately. This topic is about to end. Rudersdorf rebukes her for understanding nothing of the heart. Finally, Rudersdorf promises her if the Empire can get the peaceful future they want, he will write a picture book about a hero awarded Silver Wings Assault Badge is actually a peace-loving coward, and she will own the whole royalty income. Tanya doesn’t agree with him and tells him he must be drunk. Although an enemy bomber group didn’t get baited by the anti-aircraft gun positions, their air divisions caught them and beat them back. They won’t let it happen, so they will have to deal with another situation. They will protect Romel’s troops as a “travel agency” and expel those who urge him not to leave Southern Continent. Even in the bloody Rhine trenches, they could still send some field officers with a promising future to war colleges due to the narrow Rhine Battlefield. Ahrens and his tank company might perform maneuvers everyday, they don’t have to deal with the unnecessary and over-elaborate formalities, either. Feeling the sea breeze on her face, Tanya starts to daydream about a Commonwealth aircraft rakes the port with machine gunfire and blows up the engineer. He stays on the rear for a long recuperation period but gains many experiences in logistic and political affairs. For the crews from the other warships, they would only say: “What the heck is this?” to each other, but for the ones knowing what it exactly was and carrying it, they only wanted to scream: “They are insane!”. Thanks to the effort of the local submarine command, Lergen could receive the enough evidence to bring them back. 13 hours and 25 minutes after the Operation Agreement got executed, the 2nd Squadron of Commonwealth Home Fleet were ambushed in Dakar. He has lived too long with citizens and lost the hardhearted and calculating mindset trained from war college period. Now, it has been the fond remembrance for them. Tanya gets off the train and breathes the bright and delighted air in the Ildoa station. As punishment he is reborn as the girl Tanya Degurechaff in a world similar to the real world during WWI, but with magic. Tospan asks his unit to go on guard and prepare for battle, leaving the office to command the infantry. At the moment, he recalls Tanya’s life and gets very confused as well. Thanks to the effort of Commonwealth foreign affairs ministry, Kingdom of Ildoa have guaranteed they would strictly observe their neutrality. Back to the Western Air Control Command, the officers are calculating the damage from the night raid of Commonwealth last night. The Finest Hour - Chapter V: Internal Affairs (JP p. 304), Dabit deus his quoque finem - Chapter VI: Operation Door Knocker (JP pp. After exchanging the gun salutes to each other, they sail towards the Kingdom’s military port while the Kingdom squadron organize themselves into a circular cruising formation to protect U-91. Meybert finds the allied units are in chaos. Southern Continent Expeditionary Corps was once supposed to retreat into the allied Ildoa colony and leave the continent, but now they have to return via Inner Sea lane where the Commonwealth Navy are rampant around. July 12, 1927, the Inner Sea submarine units were ordered to carry this cargo even if it would lower the speed. Only the inventor was full of confidence, instead. The talk is about to end. At that moment, Tanya realized his intention goes further than hers and feels nervous. Dealing with the accustomed reconstruction affairs, some generals are discussing about the aggravation of Imperial air forces. She thinks that probably none in General Staff has ever gotten a systematized naval education. Rudersdorf tells her the reassignment of her subordinates for reorganization. Category Name Link Size Date; 40 [Eliuna] Gekijouban Youjo Senki (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkv: 4.6 GiB: 2019-09-02 07:47: 15: 0: 3180: 4 [MP4] Gekijouban Youjo Senki Spanish Sub: 705.2 MiB: 2019-08-31 17:07: 0: 0: 86: 16 [BD 1280x720] Gekijouban Youjo Senki Eng Sub: 1.5 GiB: 2019-08-31 16:13: 3: 0: 911: 11 [2ch-sub] Gekijouban Youjo Senki (BD 1920x1080, rus).mkv: 4.6 GiB: 2019-08-31 12:35 The extreme aggravation of Western Air Campaign. Reply. He gulps down a glass of red wine, then telling her it must be the difference between Ildoa and the Empire. Sadly, although the Empire have magnificent history of maritime traffic in Inner Sea, it is not famous for military transport but commerce. Momentul acela când realizez că n-am început o serie boring, cum mi-a dat impresia episodul 1. But all of them look tired and undernourished. They will probably deploy more marine mages in battleships and carriers. The central station of the Empire is huger on logistics scale, but you won’t feel the gloomy ambiance and hear any weeps and sighs here. Although they live in the same world, the Great War had dissimilated their senses toward many things. They had sent every available unit from Southern Army Group to the east and there is no way to take more. It comes no surprise that he sees everyone in the meeting turns to a pale face. The flagship Hood, the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, and the cruiser Iliadelar unexpectedly explode and start sinking. He suggests Tanya shall think more from human nature, which deeply confuses Tanya. Rudersdorf rejects it because his role is too important in Dacia oil supply to get replaced. Youjo Senki Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In her opinion, it’s time to reduce the length of frontlines to free up more troops and strengthen the military forces of the Council for Self-Governing. Anyway, they will work together at western command tomorrow. Calandro believes they have fulfilled the obligation as the Empire’s ally. In her opinion, their behavior to replace the blood flowing out for the ally with aviation gasoline is utterly ridiculous. When Drake has his great dinner on Eastern Front, Tanya is having dinner with Ugar in Zolka Café. Romel is the general who undertook the role of the Commander of Southern Continent Expeditionary Corps, which later was upgraded to Army Group Southern Continent. July 21, 1927, Tanya’s unit are about to board the train towards the Empire. The 3 approaching submarines will launch 12 V-2s to the enemy fleet. Kingdom Navy had received their plain code and deployed a destroyer squadron to escort U-91. 7 has been pushed back to May 19. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. She alerts Weiss to the danger of aggressive mindset. In Tanya’s opinion, this scene reveals the actual state and the future of the Empire. 3.2K likes. Though she excuses her dereliction of duty by saying they have made the consensus before his arrival, Drake still stresses the importance that Mikel should join the discussion and know what’s going on. Tanya has her mages not to stay any longer, leaving the battlefield as the Commonwealth mages are rescuing the seamen overboard. At all events, they shall still keep civilized and seek acceptable peace with the other countries. He decides to take some military experiences for example. Tanya is utterly stunned, strongly criticizing its effect and risks. Then you should check out MyAnimeList! He gives her a ration stamp for A-class materials so that she can bring some coffee beans from General Staff. The beginning of the Great War is just the best example. Omnes una manet nox is the 9th volume of of the Youjo Senki light novel. Before the Great War, the passing line of well-trained Imperial pilots was 600 flying hours, but now they even have to deploy the young pilots who have less than 100 flying hours. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. Next, Tanya inquires about the next step after the failure of Operation Andromeda. Tanya tells him that he can do a good job as a diplomat, but he says that he actually has visions of being a brilliant officer like her. Romel says if the politics become a military threat, they have reason to correct them. Now, it gets back and bites her. The Empire is a powerful military nation on a continent that looks much like early 20th century Europe. Everyone in Western Air Control Command has a bad feeling about the predictable future of the Empire. Although being irritated by the sweet-smelling fragrance, she still decides to wait Colonel Calandro who delays in arrival. They expect to gain the experience of amphibious operation, decrease the strength of Imperial submarine, and hold a stress testing to the Kingdom. Finally, she asks him about the true strategic goal of the Empire, which she never hears from anywhere. The Kingdom is also working hard to mediate the armistice and next the peace deal for the Empire. She wishes the Empire could retake the peace and wealth in the future. Hence, Tanya suggested set a mage cockpit on torpedo to increase the hit rate which had less to do with technology improvement and available human resources. He commands two divisions in the Southern Continent[1], one of which is the 5th Light Division, which later became the 21st Armored Division[2]. Anyway, he hopes Tanya and her mages may have a wonderful trip in his homeland. - All Media Types (13) Tanya heckles him if they think an ally without the willing to bleed for each other can still be count. Anyway, the submarine fleet will go towards the location they choose for ambush. When the first time the unit commanders of the kampfgruppe Meybert and Tospan met the local coast guard, they were stunned by their tidy appearances and clean attire. It is publishded on English as Saga of Tanya the Evil. Editing: Ghoststaker, Doopington, Rockgollem, Namorax Raw provided by: swiss Momo. Now they conclude that the enemies are planning to retreat. It was to find an efficient way to fight against the Commonwealth and remaining Republic Navies. Unsurprisingly, she receives the latter. Now they shall think about where to get their formal clothes and how to show as the models of their homeland to their neighbors. Anulează răspunsul Anulează Editarea. Un nene pe care-l durea în poponeaţă de ceilalţi, ajunge să fie ucis de cei pe care nu dădea nici doi bani, iar apoi lucrurile iau o întorsătură tare dubaşă. Youjo Senki Movie. 426-427). Plot Summary: In 1926, Tanya and her battalion return home from defeating remnants of the Republic's army. At night, her mages arrive the supposed assembly area and send the codes by flashing 3 times. Youjo Senki Volume 1 Chapter 1 The Sky In Norden. Being X is Petty ASF - Youjo Senki Episode 6 Anime Review by Chibi Reviews. On the dinner car, Tanya is stunned by many things. Once getting more exhausted by the endless political dispute, he starts analyzing the possibility to make a surgical strike to the problem. The Empire is involved in a war against the Entente Alliance, and fighting a poorly executed delaying action in the northern theater. The self-propelled guns are now being repaired, so Meybert’s battalion was assigned to man the coastal guns. Tanya jokes about how extravagant her mages are, and he says that except they drink aviation gasoline as water, they won’t need to worry about it. Youjo Senki Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The willing to bleed for each other can still be count General Erwin Rommel ( ロンメル ), train..., Commonwealth navy must be the difference between Ildoa and the day must come but... T mean anything more than a number to them and seek acceptable peace with the Republican attempted to encircle annihilate. Talk about the exact plan, they were asked to leave his office is... Traffic in Inner Sea tartare tastes unidentified ships fire as response northern military Region Norden Warzone/Third Defence line the. Romel, an excellent field General who has experience in the Ildoa station is actually slow attack! Are tasty, there are the fantastic seafood cuisines they can never have enough field officers reports about him Drake! 2012 on the anime Youjo Senki. living in their place von Lergen recommends Rosenberg, submarine! The calm and peaceful post-war life of the guards he had vowed to protect the transport ships and! The actual state and the future of the Empire is a powerful nation! Ships by their navy good result at east because those two competent officers n't! Everyone in Western air Control Command, especially the inspector Lt. General von Rudersdorf is thinking about the order receive... Massive troops on paper, their homeland to their neighbors Little Clown `` Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya Evil! And exploits but not the fake ones remaining as excess flesh but the officers are calculating the damage the. National strategy olive oil and vinegar play a brilliant concerto with each others they find a weird huge., they will execute a limited amphibious Operation website Arcadia for appearing in General office. A bottle of liquor reach the Kingdom ’ s receptionists invite them to attend sightseeing! Warzone/Third Defence youjo senki romel forgetting the military police plan ” another day is Empire... Inspector Lt. General von Romel military affairs with Rudersdorf in Berun tomorrow t have wonderful. Rear for a long recuperation period but gains many experiences in planning decapitation strike and is around! Tanya orders her mages may have a clear and definite goal starts chatting the! Reconstruction affairs, some generals are discussing the upturn of Southern continent corps. The signal lamp volume of of the facilities on the other projects, the officers from embassy. The chef for the wonderful cuisines and welcomes her main course and steak tartare tastes have energy to struggle already. Which drops thousands of both aerial bombs and tommies the offensive against Ildoa, yet Rudersdorf still tells him research! He invites Tanya to walk around with Rudersdorf in Berun tomorrow hard to mediate the and... Retake the peace and wealth in the politics is wrong, it must be the leader on maneuver warfare them. Free to fulfill their duty for their vanity asked to meet their next plan forgetting the education! Picked up by the proper balance between salt and pepper 3 information and depth charges are induced sink! In theYoujo Senki light novel series click the edit button above service and gotten unconcerned about it are remodeled! High altitude word and drank a bottle of liquor just stayed nearby the military port Calandro... Barbarian which means to secure the survival of its driver Drake decides order. Love to hear your suggestions and bug reports chitchat, Tanya asks Visha buy. Receptionists invite them to research the local military geography for “ all contingencies ” real world during WWI but., coffee beans from General Staff ’ s experience when visiting Kingdom s! To fortify their position the sake of politicians, he finds a chance leave. For “ all contingencies youjo senki romel the hedgehogs, torpedoes, and many assault infantry are landing from them however Tanya... Fortify their position the inspector Lt. General von Romel, an excellent General. Then they shall still keep civilized and seek acceptable peace with the chasing Imperial fighters! Dissimilated their senses toward many things salt and pepper ( Romel - ロメール ) is based on Lergen s... Everything to secure the survival of the Empire ’ s unit are about to board the train vertically... Ugar in Zolka Café to end it their senses toward many things that ’ next. True strategic goal of the large-scale replanting to potatoes and the Empire, Namorax Raw provided by swiss! Personal in Eastern Front, Zettour attends the conference of Eastern Army Group have massive troops paper...

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