saber certificate of conformity

It confirms the consignment complies with the relevant technical regulations and/or meets SASO’s standards. Saber electronic platform is your gateway to the Saudi market. SABER is a platform that allows importers and local manufacturers to electronically obtain the required Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Shipment Conformity for consumer goods, whether they were imported or locally manufactured to enter the Saudi market. When completing the invoice information to request a shipment conformity certificate, we have invoice number, unit, and product price on the invoice. Current SASO Certificates (also known as Certificate of Conformity - CoC) will continue to be accepted until further notice. Diese sollen zukünftig ausgeräumt werden, weil über das ebenfalls neue SABER-Online-Portal eine Abfrage zur Notwendigkeit einer Zertifizierung vor einem Export möglich sein soll. Which called regulated products, Click on the link below to check which product category are already subject to the regulations now and what will be in the near future. Die SABER-Plattform soll die Verfahren für den Eintritt von Waren in den saudischen Markt in Absprache mit dem saudischen Zoll vereinfachen und beschleunigen. Im Rahmen der Entwicklung des saudi-arabischen Produktsicherheitsprogramms SALEEM hat die SASO eine elektronische Konformitätsbewertungsplattform namens SABER eingeführt. Die SASO fordert Händler auf, diese Plattform zu nutzen, um sowohl Produktzertifikate als auch Verschiffungsbescheinigung für Waren zu beantragen, die den Technischen Regeln der SASO … Documents required for products registration: Comparison between Export2Gulf & Other competitors, HURRY UP ! Business Continuity Management System Consultancy in UAE. 2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&S). SASO hat ein eigenes elektronisches Zertifizierungssystem namens SABER entwickelt. CB ensures if there is valid PCoC for every regulated product, If PCoC is verified, the CB approve in SABER that it has been found to be accepted. Quick access to our technical team for inquiries & pricing+20 (010) 607 808 08. ISO 17025 – Laboratory Management System. Part 2: Shipment Certification Stage SASO stands for Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization. Every shipment must have a saber shipment certificate for regulated product included in the invoice, and it will be verified by the CB to be approved, If a valid PCoC is confirmed, an SCoC will be issued. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Type approval or certificate of conformity is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical, and safety requirements. In a recent announcement, SASO confirmed that regular Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) may still be issued outside of the SABER platform and are accepted by the Saudi customs. These group of videos provide an explanation for how to create an account, how to register your goods & products and how to request certificates. Seit dem 01.01.2020 kann zur Erlangung des SASO-Zertifkates, keine Inspektionen vor-Ort mehr durchgeführt werden. Der Importeur wählt den CB für die Ausstellung der PCoC und bezahlt die anfallenden Gebühren. It helps you to register the required products and certificates of conformity easily. About Us We are the most trusted name for SASO certification services in India. Trial period as of February 1, 2018: SABER will go live with a trial period allowing use of the system on a voluntary basis. The service is provided under the supervision of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) in collaboration with Thiqah For Business Services. The CB reviews the parameters against the SASO regulation for certification decision. Anti Bribery Management System Consultancy In UAE. The electronic certification and conformity assessment certificate (SABER) is set to replace the SASO Certificate of Conformity CoC “which was know as SASO CoC” since 2019 and accelerate the processes by applying the procedure mentioned in the adopted technical regulations. select CB for issuance of PCoC and pay Sadad and certification fees. Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC) The product certification of conformity (PCoC) is issued online in the SABER platform for every regulated product, as per the applicable product standards defined in the relevant technical regulation. Saber is a platform that allows the investors and local manufacturer to electronically issue the required Certificate of Conformity and certificate of Shipment conformity for consumer Goods whether it was imported or locally manufactured to enter the Saudi market. Saudi Arabian Standards Organization being the sole standardization body in the Kingdom was established according to the Royal Decree No.M / 10 dated 3/3/1392 H, on 16/4/1972, as a body corporate Organization and an independent budget assigned to deal with all that relates to activities of specifications, standards, and quality, which include adopting national standards for all commodities and products, also sampling techniques and methods of inspection and test, etc., as well as establishing the rules for granting certificates of conformity corresponding to the imported goods, quality marks, the systems for issuing them and the right to use. All imported consignments must bear a non-removable indication of origin. Reducing the time required to issue conformity, shipment and product clearance certificates, increasing the ability of importers and exporters to improve the quality of their products, Ease of managing and monitoring registered products and certificates issued through the Saber platform, Ease of market access to Saudi market and obtain a larger segment of the market, The conformity certificate is valid for one year during this period any shipments can be entered to Saudi market with no more extra payments, The validity of the test reports is three years, We are an experts specialized in SASO & Saber regulations, Previous experience in products certification and product conformity, Ability to register all types of products, Access to a wide range network of accredited laboratories and notified bodies around the world, issuance of conformity certificates from the accredited conformity assessment bodies at the lowest price, issuance of the lowest number of conformity certificates to reduce the total costs, Providing the necessary technical support to avoid wrong registration problems and avoid any errors that lead to the rejection of your shipment, Providing technical support in preparing the required technical documents such as the declaration of conformity and the Material safety data sheet “MSDS” and the technical data sheet for the products that will be registered in saber, Saving your time in the very hard communication in the technical issues related to the registration processes, A copy of importer’s commercial registration “Saudi CR”, the name & address of product’s manufacturer (in Arabic), the name & address of product’s manufacturer (in English), A clear product photos ” High resolution”, Any previous products test reports “if any”. The certificate bears the specific name, brand, model of the product, and is not transferable. Consulting (Create saber account and study products), Product certificate of conformity PCoC “if applicable”. Saber ( is an electronic service provider for obtaining Certificates of Conformity for products destined to the Saudi Arabian market under applicable Saudi standards and specifications rules. INDUSTRIAL MEASUREMENTS SYSTEM (IMS) CONSULTANCY. SABER is an electronic platform that helps the local supplier and factory to register the required conformity certificates. It also accesses to conformity assessment bodies accepted by the Saudi Organization for SASO locally and internationally. The CoC (Certificate of Conformity), also referred to as the SASO CoC, is a certificate required for each consignment, or a specific batch, of certain imported goods to clear customs.

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