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The content of the page would be an Overview, followed by Early Life, Career, Personal Life, etc. Includes complete working examples. Required fields are marked * Review. Thank you both for your answers. Is there any benefit to using a section over a div other than it being semantically correct? In fact, some WYSIWYG editors used the DIV element exclusively, sometimes in lieu of paragraphs. The

tag is used as a container for HTML elements - which is then styled with CSS or manipulated with JavaScript. In some situation you have to place these Div side by side. Divi allows you to adjust the height and arrangement of each divider. Div can be used similarly but doesn't have the implicit meaning (see Jennifer Nordell's explanation). Once the user moves their mouse over the.subscribe div, the inside div is hidden and the form is displayed. Start by adding a two-column row to the page you’re working on and selecting the left Row Alignment within the Design tab. HTML5 introduced sectioning elements that created more semantically descriptive documents and helped define styles on those elements. How to Create Section Chapters Using Divi’s New Design Options. 213/07 as amended) The Fire Code can be viewed on the Government of Ontario e-Laws website. Mozilla states "A rule of thumb is that a section should logically appear in the outline of a document.". Jordan V It depends entirely on how important the meaning is to your document. The
element is slightly more specific that a
. It is applied to a generic section of content that can be grouped together in a semantically meaningful way. Looking for a tutorial? Go to Section: D 014 FCJ 014 J 014. Today the us of mouse over is becoming limited, as tablets and smartphones have no mouse, and when tablets and smartphones try to convert a click on a mouse over area to a real ONCLICK command, it doesn't always end well. One Treehouse instructor used
while another used
for what seemed like the same type of content. (to be honest, i had the same question, and a lot of older code does make things murkier). The nav will link to different anchors on the same page. Would I then use the
tag for each box and the
tag for the text, or do leave out the
tag and just continue with the descriptions by using a

tag within each div? Structure Only: The useful and widely supported tag for setting alignment and style for sections of your web page. Overlays are very clean and give the webpage a tidy look. I think the difference is this:

is used for content that fits into a category which ought to be defined by a heading of that section. There are also a couple other tags that are similar (